Awards & Accolades Achieved by Our Florida Golf Community


Orchid Island Golf & Beach Club was awarded with the Distinguished designation in 2013 from BoardRoom Magazine and has earned its recertification every year since. BoardRoom Magazine is one of the most respected trade publications serving private clubs. This prestigious award is determined by the annual Distinguished Clubs award program conducted by BoardRoom Magazine, which uses a club-specific rating system based on an extensive evaluation process that distills and measures a club’s Member Experience.

As defined by Distinguished Clubs, “Member Experience” is that special combination of “Qualities” that a private club provides its members. It is not just the quality of service, the facilities, or the product provided, it is also the quality of the staff and the management, as well as the overall club governance they deliver. The most important quality, however, is the quality of the intangible. To be a Distinguished Club is to be one of a select group of private clubs that have been recognized as providing not only an absolutely excellent Member Experience, but also a Member Experience at a level attained by only the finest clubs in the world. This distinction is nuanced, yet thoroughly recognizable, for it is based on the most important of all intangible qualities. Reputation. Reverence. Admiration. Brand Equity. Fame.

America's Healthiest Club

Orchid Island Golf & Beach Club is proud to be certified as one of the Top 20 America’s Healthiest Clubs in the nation since 2014. The Club's Director of Fitness & Wellness, Denise Duda and Director of Human Resources, Maria Jenkins has led the Management Team by creating a culture which promotes health and wellness for the entire staff and the Club Members. This process required a focus on Vision, Alignment and Execution involving activities and educational classes pertaining to better nutrition and fitness habits. "I believe that the greatest gift you can give yourself, family and friends is good health. Orchid’s commitment to providing the tools for optimum health for members and employees is exceptional. It is such a joy to help lead this wellness focused incentive," expressed Denise Duda.

Florida Communities of Excellence

Orchid Island Golf & Beach Club Community Association is proud to be the 2014 recipient of the Florida Communities of Excellence Award in the Civic Volunteerism & Advocacy small community category. This award recognizes community associations that actively contribute to civic welfare and improving society through creation of volunteerism programs to support local and regional non-profit and charitable causes.

Audubon Certified Sanctuary

Orchid Island Golf & Beach Club was designated as a Certified Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary in 2005 and is one of 901 courses in the world to currently be designated as such.

The Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary Program for Golf Courses, endorsed by the United States Golf Association, provides information and guidance to help golf courses preserve and enhance wildlife habitat, and protect natural resources. Golf courses from the United States, Africa, Australia, Canada, Central America, Europe, Mexico, and Southeast Asia have achieved certification in the program. "Orchid Island Golf & Beach Club has shown a strong commitment to its environmental program. They are to be commended for preserving the natural heritage of the area by protecting the local watershed and providing a sanctuary for wildlife on the golf course property," said Doug Bechtel, Executive Director at Audubon International.

"To reach certification, a course must demonstrate that they are maintaining a high degree of environmental quality in a number of areas," explained Bechtel. These categories include: Environmental Planning, Wildlife & Habitat Management, Outreach and Education, Chemical Use Reduction and Safety, Water Conservation, and Water Quality Management. Courses go through a recertification process every two years.


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